Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baby Girl is 4!!

My baby girl turns 4 tomorrow.  I can't believe it but I'm assured she is a big girl now and if I want I can check her jacket's tag because it has the #4 on it.  (A LITTLE attitude shinning through there)

It seems like just yesterday I looked like this....YIKES. You may want to avert your eyes.

But it was all worth it for my BABY GIRL! Isn't she soo cute?

She used to sleep like this all the time and the strange thing is so does brother....

One year old birthday digging in!

Around 18 months and not afraid to stink up the place
(still isn't!)

2nd birthday and loving mom for her huge cupcake [and not hating the UUUUUGLY attempt at the Barbie cake]

3 year old learning her diva attitude
(which has since developed to teenager)

And now...crazy four year old!

She's definitely kept things interesting around here with her off the wall comments and picking things up a little too quickly (Drive 55 or drive home! - said to slow cars in front of us). 
Love you baby girl!

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Darcy said...

Happy birthday Launa! We love you very much, even that attitude. Although not sure where it came from...