Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Food Log

I'm thinking if I do some food logging I can eat healthier...we'll see how it goes.  I'm not sure I can do a nightly post as my sister does HERE, but I'll do my best. 

Tuesdays are work from home days so generally leads to worse eating for me with the entire kitchen in my reach all day long.

Breakfast: Cottage cheese with tomatoes and black pepper, water (To die for)
Lunch: Mac and Cheese with fish sticks, milk
Snackety Snacks: Halloween Candy (GET IT OUT OF THE HOUSE ASAP!) Pepsi

Last night was weekly Biggest Loser watching (RIP crybaby), so our healthy dinner was made by Matt and Lindsey - THANK YOU FOR THE FEAST!  Check out photos HERE.  Yes I had seconds. And thirds.  But just LAT [Lettuce, Avocado, Tomato] for those helpings so that makes it better right? RIGHT?

No workout for me Tuesday. Boo.  I did take the stairs 5 flights down at the part time job so that counts right? RIGHT?  Ok so I worked out for what 10 seconds? I'll shoot for 20 next week.

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