Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Great Christmas Gift PLUS COUPON CODE!

When we were little a relative had a book with our names in the storyline made and we just loved it.  For Christmas this year I've done that for Little Lady and thought I'd share the info 'cause I found a coupon code also!  WOOT WOOT.

Identity direct has many personalized things from backpacks to labels to books.  There were tons of options but I just went with the Spongebob book since that's the current obsession in this house. 

You input your child's name, birthday, address, and three friends names and this book comes to life and is shipped in plenty of time for Christmas if you order now.  Here is what Little Lady is getting from Santa: 

If interested check their site out HERE.

For your ordering pleasure:

Coupon Code 42037-free shipping
Coupon Code 41824-20% off Disney order

You can only use one coupon so try both to see which is cheaper for your order!

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