Monday, August 30, 2010

CSN Stores Product Review: Bath Toys


The great folks at have asked that I do a review of some products they have for sale so I chose some bath toys since baths are a hit here.  I chose toys that were categorized for 3 years old and up figuring Launa could use them now and we'd save them for Charlie later.

This fishing set is on sale for just $13.57 here.  After we opened this I showed Launa how to use the hook to catch the fish while we were in the living room so she could get the hang of using it.  She chose to play with the toy like this for a couple of days instead of in the tub so I just went with it.  We finally moved it to the tub which was very fun for her (ps - the bath water is not clear because she chose to dump out all of the body wash she wasn't that dirty!)

The fishing has been a hit a couple of times but overall I think the toy is not entertaining enough for her or for a 3 year old in general.  I think this would have been fantastic if she was 2, but at 3 she's just a little too old and easily bored. 

The second bath toy we chose was this one:

 This was a huge hit on the fridge for a couple of weeks so we went with it. It comes with three balls and they go through the maze and then fly around the kitchen floor since they don't have a tub to fall into. This was a hit with all of the kids that came to visit our house. Launa seemed to enjoy this a bit more than the fishing game, however I think that's because the balls were flying all over once they hit the hardwood which makes it kind of a crazy game. We've moved it into the tub and its not a hit with her anymore. Again I think its a toy that's for smaller toddlers and she is just too mature for it. Its also a little annoying for parents who have to share the same tub and there are huge toys on one side that do fall down periodically and scare the poo out of you!

Overall both are great toys but I think geared more towards a 2 year old and not 3 like the box states.


These are my opinions only. I was not paid for this product review.

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