Monday, August 30, 2010

5K - Check!

Saturday was my sister and I's first 5k and I must say we are both very proud of ourselves!  We signed up with a couple of friends for the Scheel's fundraiser for Shoes that Fit, which is a charity that helps local kids who cannot afford shoes get a new pair.  The run had 5k, 10k and children's .5 mile options but since we would have been the oldest in the .5 mile race we opted for the 5k  (kidding).

The run started just outside of the front door of Scheel's at an early 7am (later this early hour was appreciated as I was sweating like a pig so any later and running in 90 degree Iowa humidity didn't sound like something I'd want to do).  There was a pretty big crowd for the run.

I feel like I started off strong and even though it appears that the Jordan Creek area of West Des Moines is a pretty flat part of town IT IS NOT when you are running!  I had to take a few short walking breaks to catch my breath/put the ipod ear pieces back in but overall did way better than I thought.  I ran about an 11 minute mile.  We were told there would be water stations at the beginning, middle, and end.  I rejoiced in my water (although i was so tired/hot/sweaty/shin splinty that I couldn't crack a smile).

And BTW, the water station was NOT halfway it was at about 2.5 miles because I was DYING of thirst and then if felt like we were done shortly after so it must have been closer to the halfway of the 10k run so they didn't have to have multiple drink stations.

Darcy rolled in not long after me....

The 5k was great motivation to workout and run consistently so we are discussing which to sign up for next.  I think we make an awesome team!  Maybe some day the ladies will be able to keep up with the guys 8 minute miles!

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