Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tell the Truth Thursday

I am going to join the blogger world for Tell the Truth Thursdays.  This was inspired by a blog I follow called Sincerely Stacie.  

This week's question posed to us is:  If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

Honestly, I've always said white in those online surveys or surveys you pass around to your friends via email when you're bored at work.  But come to think of it life as a white crayon would be pretty boring.  Who uses white? Only when you're coloring on black construction paper. 

Thinking back to when I was little my sister and I came up with a brilliant game.  Use-Use.  Yes that is what we named it.  We were very creative.  You see my mom had this huge 5 gallon old ice cream tub full of odds and ends crayons.  For all we know it came from when she was little.  Whenever we got new ones we'd automatically dump them out of the box and put in the ice cream bucket.  My mom still has this bucket that my daughter plays with.  Anyhow we came with a game we thought was so AWESOME.  We also had about 100 coloring books for some reason so we devised a game to use all of the crayons and all of the coloring books in one session!  First we picked who was the chosen one to start the game.  This is the person with all of the control.  Let's say me since I'm the oldest and I probably used that a lot to get my way.  I had the entire crayon bucket at my disposal.  I'd use a crayon of my choice and then pass it on to Darcy.  She was not allowed to use any crayons unless I first used them.  Our goal was to get through the entire bucket.  I'm not sure this ever happened.  One day we changed the game where we could only color one thing per page on the coloring books.  So if you look through the old books at my parents house there will be one eye colored, a tongue, a toe, etc.  GEEKS.  Sometimes we'd have to color one thing per page and then we could pass the whole book to the other person.  Can you tell we were the youngest kids in the neighborhood and really had no friends besides each other??

Anyhow I digressed.....I think I'd now pick black.  Black was always the ultimate crayon that we would hold back and not use and keep from the other person.  It was always the one we wanted...much better than white which was a struggle to use or we'd use it so the other person had to screw up their picture to get through it also.  HUGE DORK CONFESSION. 

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