Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Book Review: At Every Turn by Anne Mateer

Thanks to Bethany Publishing, I read At Every Turn by Anne Mateer recently and enjoyed it.

The story is set in the days of 'ol when women were bashed not only for driving but speaking their mind and doing more than just community events outside of the home. Ally Benson is the daughter of a wealthy manufacturing plant owner who has a secret love of driving cars and for which her father built a secret race track on their land for her use. Ally is also a religious girl in the home of two non-believing parents. A church missionary sparks her to raise money for a trip to Africa and after pledging a large sum of money from her father she realizes he won't donate and must think of a way to raise the money herself. Of course driving is a talent she possesses and she comes up with a scheme to use that to raise the funds. She find love along the way.

Although the book was vey predictable I thought it well written and a great story for all ages. I plan on passing it down to a preteen to help teach the life less on that you can be who you want to be and to always be willing to risk yourself for those you love and for the things you believe in.

Thanks Bethany Publishing!

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