Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WIR: Weekend in Review

Someday I'll post our weekend review on a Sunday night but until then.... you'll have to deal.

Our schedule has been pretty calm for now but heats up this weekend thru early April so we are thankful for some sense of calmness right now and the ability to lay around and do nothing.

And Friday night we did just that.  NOTHING.  It was awesome.

Saturday the kids and I headed to see a cousin's basketball game.

Launa then invited herself over to her cousins house so Charlie and I ran to get my glasses fixed and a Wal-Mart trip.  The husband had bacon cheeseburgers with special new sauce he was trying to re-create from a Food Channel show waiting for us (PURE HEAVEN).  Then we lazied around and invited ourselves over to the cousins for adult games and beverages.  Our plans were spoiled when Launa came down with a temp and so we made another night of nothingness.  I mean we are so good at that we should get paid.

Sunday the kids and I headed to my parents for breakfast and my asked us sister twisted my arm for lunch and Bed, Bath & Beyond.  We skated out of BBB by spending only $20 which was AWESOME because they have a WALL of As Seen on TV and we must have already had it all or something because the As Seen on TV addicted hubby didn't get a thing!  Then we headed home for....NOTHING all night.  I mean it was a miracle to get us out of the house on a Sunday anyway so we only had a half day of nothingness.  It was exhausting.

Our schedule is becoming packed with spring activities and weekend trips with the family before our big move to the west side of the country in just FOUR MONTHS. eeeeekkk!

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