Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesdays Food Coma.

The picture diary continues!  I haven't been to the office since LAST THURSDAY!  With my work at home schedule I always luck out with a Monday holiday and feel like I'm recovering from vacation when I was really working, just at home!
Oh well not crisis while I was at home and all things are well in the work world.

I began breakfast with the usual - yogurt and coffee.
I love how Greek yogurt really does sustain you until lunch and sometimes I forget to eat altogether (that in itself is a small miracle around here).

I worked away until my tummy rumbled for my D.P., roast beef sandwich (co-jack pepper jack cheese, mayo & mustard), and carrots.

Around the normal 3:00 p.m. the tummy began again so I had a small snack packed full of energy before my work out - Red Delicious Apple!
I FORCED myself to go to circuit at Kosama tonight but I was glad I did.  It was a hard workout and I bet my abs are sore tomorrow.

We met the in laws who are in from AZ at our old stand-by, El Rodeo where I FEASTED on steak tacos (in a corn tortilla at least right?), chips, salsa & cheese dip.  I was too busy stuffing face to take a picture.

At home we had dessert - Chad's brownies.
Again I was feasting too fast that this is a picture of Launa's much smaller brownie.

I'm too scared to do the calorie count tonight so I'll just plug my cardio into MyFitnessPal and call it good.
Some days are just like that.
But they are oh so worth it.

Tell me - what do you DREAD putting into MyFitnessPal but you just can't resist?

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