Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Funday: BBQ and park

Today we decided to take an adventure to California to meet up with mom's old neighbor from 29 Palms for lunch. We both headed two hours in the same direction and net in Blythe, California.

Our food choices were limited and according to the World Wide Web R-bels BBQ is where it's at in Blythe.
The menu was salads and sandwiches and reasonably priced. The kids meal was $5, an adult sized sandwich, chips, drink, and brownie. It was a great deal!

I opted for the gyro burger which was a gyro but the lamb was replaced with beef. Pretty tasty!

After asking the local yokels about nearby parks we sat under a shade tree and let the kids run wild while we chatted.

The playground was shaded making it not so Hot.

Of course there were no close bathrooms but we made do.

A quick photo session and we were back home for some swimming and dinner.

It was good to finally meet the person my patents have talked of and who send cards and quilts to us on special occasions. Although just a two hour drive we are all exhausted and sleepy so nighty nigh.

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