Monday, October 8, 2012

Columbus Day finds

Today we started the day with a new splash pad park I had heard of but never found. It was a success! Thank you to the city if Goodyear for making great things like thus FREE!

Then we headed to Enchanted Island, one if the places on my pogo past for the kids. Well either we went to the ghetto amusement park or Arizona needs some lessons from Adventure land in Iowa because thus place sucked!! Seriously about six rides plus the train. The rides were the obligatory cars in a circle, airplanes in a circle, carousel and small dragon roller coaster. they were also $1.10 per ride!!!! Ridic!!

The splash pad, which was $3 each kid extra, was about six feet long and two small garden hoses hanging in the air. Pretty sure a homeless person can come up with more fun stuff out of their grocery cart. Needless to say our drive took just as long as we were there to ride rides and they will never see our faces again. Total rip off.

But--kids are kids and they enjoyed our hour of fun.

As usual, we ended the night swimming and eating the Hub's famous shrimp scampi. Now off to bed for food coma.

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