Sunday, October 7, 2012

Who needs a driver side window anyway?

Today was full of cleaning and organizing the house for our guests got the week: mama and Brianne. So of course in the midst of that my car window will fall out of the track. I mean-obviously. We just don't have good car vibes so I didn't really fret.

Mid morning we make a car repair, mop and Golden Corral run, only to have dessert interrupted by a phone call. Yes the window is now up.
Yes it's the entire motor/window mechanism that is bad.
Yes it will be$450 to fix.
Shit! (Yes said to the mechanic)
No thank you!

I regretfully inform you that I can no longer run you through McDonalds, the bank, Starbucks, anything fun!

Five hours later the plane has landed and all are sleeping and worn out from the day. We are venturing toCalifornia tomorrow with the kids to meet a friend of mom's from 30 years back when dad forced her to live on military wages and bathe outside in a tub with water only warmed by the heat of the sun! Hopefully some less exciting car stories to follow!

(Pictured is Launa's amazing plate she was so psyched about at lunch)

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