Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Husband Rocks!

 I haven't done a My Husband Rocks post in a while and I was just thinking about how lucky I am today so here goes!

As you know we recently moved from Iowa to Arizona only know about 4 people in this entire state.  That means LOTS of quality family time.  Not that we were always out and about in Iowa but here its just not an option because we just don't know too many people and the people we do know have a life beyond us (I know -the nerve!).  So I started a job last week and have encouraged Chad to stay home to get done the house projects we want to do right now while saving money on daycare and bonding with the kids since he's never really done that other than the three hours after work every night.

Things seem to be going very well.  Charlie has progressed in potty training like nobody's business and he's doing MOST of his poops on the potty (doesn't seem to care about the pee) and I get some pretty entertaining text messages at work:

In the morning I try to handle getting Launa off to school walking with the neighbor girls or dropping her off before I head to work and letting Chad sleep in until Charlie comes to wake him up.  The other day it wasn't until 9am (JEALOUS)!  Somehow he is managing house projects with the little helper including hooking up the speakers from the ceiling (these were pre-wired so we really didn't have a choice other than letting wires dangle from the ceiling looking GHETTO) and hooking up a stereo for surround sound.
I really have no idea how he was able to keep Charlie from attempting to climb the ladder with him but it worked!

The boys also have ongoing garage and insulation projects they are doing together with lots of trips to Lowes.  Chad is handling picking Launa up from school everyday and things are going well.
I am feeling left out since I don't get home until around 6pm every night and everyone is eating or eaten already and wrestling or doing fun things that I was always in charge of.  But at least its going well, kids are behaving better (with the HARD ASS parent home), and the house projects are getting done.

The husband is definitely doing a great job and I have to give him a thumbs up on this one!
(Even if he doesn't read the blog)

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