Sunday, August 19, 2012

AZ Grocery Deals: Fry's

Good deals I found while looking through the ads this week!  Most sales good through 8/21 (Tuesday!).
I'm just passing along my grocery list - there are other deals too but these are the foods we enjoy and we stop up for when they are on discount.


Save $5 when you buy 10:

-3-Healthy Choice Meals: $1.79 (I ALSO HAVE A COUPON!)
1-Reese's Puffs Cereal - $2.99
1 - Sara Lee Bread: $1.99
2-Dole salads - $1.99
1-$1.79 Oceanspray Cranberry Juice
1-Thomas English Muffins $1.99
1-Goldfish $.99

Sargento shredded cheese - 2/$4
10/$10 Kroger canned fruits

Zataran's $1
Minute Maid Fruit Punch $1
1/2 gallon of milk, $1.67 - 2 limit
Good Season's Salad Dressing mix $1
Plums $1/lb
Roma Tomatoes $1/lb

$.97/lb chicken breast
1/2 gallon milk, $.88 - 4 LIMIT
$.35/lb bananas
$.69 Beech Nut Fruities on the go drinks
$.37/lb watermelon
$.99 Greek God's Yogurt

$.99 pluouts
$1.99 seedless grapes
$3.99 hummus dip

You will note I have milk on the list A LOT.  I don't hit all of the stores in one day so if milk is relatively cheap I put it on every list and then decide when I'm there if I should get one or two or five!  We drink a TON of  milk around here!

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