Friday, August 3, 2012

Arizona Weekly Grocery Deals

Here's what I found for deals this week:

$1.67 gallon of milk
$2.98 watermelon
$.88 strawberries
BOGO string cheese (I have a coupon for this brand too)
3/$10 Pepsi
Bush's Beans $1 each

$1.97 Degree deodorant

BOGO ground sirloin
2/$5 Simply Orange juice
Fritos $1.99
$1.49 white bread
$.79 tuna
$1.99 cottage cheese
3/$9.99 Morton's salt pellets
$2.99 Kashi Go Lean (top your yogurt with it!)

Bananas, $.39/lb
Garnie (Sp?) Fructis $2.00 (I have a coupon also)
Suave products, $.89 each (coupon)
Avocado $.99 each

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