Friday, August 3, 2012

Decore Disaster Averted!

Today I decided to put up the wall decal I've been saving for YEARS.  I got it from under the books its been sitting under to keep it nice and flat and discovered that I've never noticed that it was missing a very pertinent letter in the saying. 

So after some texts we decided to just scratch the HAV altogether and use the sentence without it.  It fits so nicely on the bulk head right above our bed.

However, we decided the "I" is now strange looking.  I'm on a hunt on eBay to find a large cursive "I" and we'll put it on the left side and I think that will look way better than this.  However, due to the age of the decal it was having some trouble sticking to the wall.  A few sprays of hairspray and 8 hours later its still up there so hopefully that did the trick.  I'm waiting to order the "I" until we see if that did it or if I've wasted this decal for four plus years. 

 We ate pan fried chicken (thank goodness for the side burner on the grill so we don't have to heat up the house to eat!) and rice for lunch and then Launa and I headed out on errands while Charlie was supposed to go down for his nap.

Launa and I had to run to the Audi dealer to get my car from getting the air tuned up (we've been driving around a 2012 Audi for 2 days and its been pretty nice!) so we also hit Michaels for some craft items ( future post coming if it turns out well enough).  We spent an hour in Michaels!  I'm not crafty but there was this clearance aisle that was trying to force me to stare at these cheap $1 items and think of ways to use them.

I ended up getting a couple of porcelain square planters but put them in the kids bathroom for their toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, etc.  Its more stylish than the Sesame Street bucket we had and it should match any kind of decor as they are white.  I also got a second for the small bottles of lotion, sunscreen, etc. that I'm going to put out when we have guests. 

I also found a tin planter, for fake plants, but I picked up a real plant and stuck it on the bulkhead in the kitchen.

It was getting pretty toasty in the house so we went swimming for an hour or so then came in to eat dinner.  We all ate something different of course.

Chad: popcorn
Charlie: Carrots & ranch, shaved ham, chips & cheese dip
Launa: Shaved ham, chips & cheese dip, 1/2 peach
Me: Ham sandwich, 1/2 peach, small salad

We attempted a movie (National Lampoons Dirty Movie) but it was so stupid we ended up watching reruns of How I Met Your  Mother and Tosh.O. 
We tried to eat some chocolate chip ice cream in the dark after we sent Charlie to bed but he came lurking out of the shadows so he got a frozen yogurt stick.

Tomorrow is Launa's meet and greet to see the inside of her school, classroom, and meet her teacher before she starts kindergarten on Monday!  OMG.
I've applied for several jobs this week but apparently nobody wants me just yet.  Perhaps fate will bring us that job where I make three figures?! (before the comma, not the decimal).

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