Thursday, August 2, 2012

Book Review: A Brother's Journey

This is a follow up book to the ones by David Pelzer, A Child Called It, The Lost Child, and A Man Called Dave.  This story is written by David's brother, Richard.  It tells of the abuse he witnessed from his mother to David and then what occurred in the house after David was removed from the home.  It was an interesting read coming from one of the brother's who witnessed and participated in the abuse.  Its a horrifying story overall if you've read all three other books.  It give some insight to abuse that its just unfathomable to me but is common to others.  Although riveting to me, I think this book ended very abruptly unlike David's story.  The book left me hanging.  I don't know what happened to Richard after they moved, if they moved, if he ever got out, etc.  I seem to recall some of the afterthoughts being mentioned in David's books but if you do not read them all in a row its hard to recall the final outcome for the kids other than David.  Its been years since I read the other three so I'm just annoyed that I don't know what happened to Richard in the end and if he and David ever became true brothers as they should be or if that relationship is forever distant.

These kinds of books make you thank your parents for being normal and hold your kids a little tighter when you really want to yell after they do something you told them not to do.  These books also make you look closer at those dirty ragga muffin kids you see. Is it because their mom won't allow them to bathe, wash clothes, etc. as a form of punishment?  Is it fair to you to judge them based upon their smell, appearance, etc. when it could be something that they just can't control and are too scared to report to an adult?

Overall, good read and I definitely recommend the entire story and all four books to you if you haven't checked them out yet!

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