Saturday, July 28, 2012

How to tell if you are getting a sale or not

How do you know if something is a good price on sale or not?  I use the bulk prices as my bottom dollar.  If I can get something cheaper than their per can, per pound, per loaf price then I consider it a good deal and I buy it.  This is my updated spreadsheet that I keep with me when going through the ads every week.  If its cheaper than these I buy it, if not I keep what I need on the Costco list.  I haven't added toilet paper or paper towels yet but those are generally cheaper at discount stores also.

Costco Prices

Mandarin Oranges - $.749/can
Sweet Corn - $.63/can
Fruit cocktail - $1.21/can
Special K Red Berries - $3.98 per sack
Pull Ups - $.31 each
Probiotics - $.175/pill
Kids Vitamins - $.043/pill
Natures Valley Bars - $.48/bar
Kleenex – 260 count - $.68/box
Iron Kids Bread - $2/loaf
Palmolive -$.081/ounce
Frozen Broccoli - $1.73/lb
Corn Dogs - $.357/dog
Bacon - $2.98/lb
Go Gurt - $.110/each
Butter - $1.938/lb

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