Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to make a magnet board - frugal office organization at its best!

Thanks to my recent Pintrest invitation I decided to attempt a craft to help organize and pretty up the office.
Now if you know me at all the word craft should be scary as I'm the girl who got a D in Home Ec making a skirt.  The skirt is just three straight lines on a sewing machine and I failed that!

Anyhow its probably good to get Launa to be more womanly and learn to cook and be crafty so I'm trying to teach both of us when I can. :)

I decided to make a magnet board instead of buying the same old ugly bulletin boards that most offices have.  This way it would add color and artsy feeling to the office (hopefully).  To start the project I took some old cookie sheets, clearance fabric and clearance ribbon - total cost: $3.75.  After the picture I decided we had enough fabric to do three and stole another from the kitchen.

Next you wrap the cookie sheets in the fabric and ideally hot glue the fabric to it.  Well this non-crafter does not own a hot glue gun and I wasn't about to invest in it for this project so we improvised with my favorite fixer tool:  Super glue.

I wrapped it nice and tight and looking back they could use a little big of slag to make sure the magnets and the fabric don't have issues and the magnets stick nicer.  
 I stacked some books on it for drying for a few minutes while working on the other sheets.

Then we added our ribbon in fun decorative ways.  I also had these metal signs that used to hang on my wall that held good with magnets so added them too! 


 Finished product: Three decorate magnet boards instead of the old ugly cork board.

And mother/daughter bonding to boot! 

Have you attempted some artsy, frugal organizing for your office?  Please share!

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