Thursday, July 26, 2012

Walgreens Photo Coupon Codes for July

So as you can tell I'm a couponer.  I'm also a procrastinator and I have baby books and photo albums that are two to three years behind.  So today I sent in my order to Walgreens because you know if its over 100 photos you can usually find some pretty good coupons.  Today I also noticed that Walgreens lets you upload and use up to FOUR coupon codes PER TRANSACTION.  I love this and will support them strictly for that reason!  Thanks Walgreens!
So here is the summary of my order and how I was able to save.  Feel free to use these coupon codes too! (They are the words in all caps)
117 4x6 print(s) 10.53
10 5x7 print(s) 15.90
Cost of prints: 26.43
JULYPRINT40: -10.57
Subtotal: 15.86
Standard S&H: 0.00
Sales Tax: 1.55
Charged when order is placed Prints total: 17.41

Deliver by :
Fri. Aug. 03, 2012
1 11x14 Poster(s), Matte
Cost of posters: 9.99
JULYPRINT40: -4.00
Subtotal: 5.99
SHIPAT25: -1.99
Standard S&H: 1.99
Sales Tax: 0.59
Charged when order is placed Small posters total: 6.58
I chose shipping simply because I had a coupon but that is like $.09 per print I believe (so 127 x $.09 =$11.43 plus poster shipping of $1.99 or $13.42).  So my total original order was to be $51.39 and thanks to the coupon codes it is now $23.99! That's a 54% savings just for googling a few coupon codes and being able to upload 100 pictures or more at a time.
The bad part is that my to do pile just grew a few inches.....

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