Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wednesday Happenings

I have a busy day planned working both jobs and fitting in my yearly colitis checkup so not sure how detailed this post will get for you.

I started off getting labs today so didn't eat until mod morning But had the Usual yogurt and coffee.

(Yes I know its sideways but I don't know how to edit on my phone yet)

I packed lunch meat sandwich and a salad with Ranch for lunch.
I snacked on a banana later, hit Kosama for a KILLER circuit session which left me stinky and drenched in sweat.  I had to run to WalMart all nasty to get a few things (but no one seemed to notice my grossness at WalMart).

When I got home the husband and FIL were attempting to fix the garage door (again) and it worked this time!!!  We had pizza from Papa's Pizza (sausage with banana peppers) and couple of brewskies.

It was a good productive day!

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