Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thirsty Thursday

Today I had to work in the office since I took some time off this week that cut down on my in office time (they don't make me do this but I despise falling behind and having other people do my work - I'm a control freak).  However, I got to go in a little later due to having to go down to the workers' compensation commissioner's office for a brief settlement meeting at 9am.

I got to eat breakfast at home and we had some Honey Bunches of Oats to use up so that's what I had.

Side note:  My almond milk was at work for coffee but its so good in Honey Bunches of Oats - makes it a little sweet - you should try it.


On the way to work I heard that BK commercial about their smoothies again and this girl is missing her blender (its already in Arizona waiting for me) so I swung through and got a banana strawberry smoothie. I found the calorie count and it was only 200 calories for a small. 

Do you think that's good for a smoothie?  I wasn't sure really since I never count up my homemade ingredients.  It was pretty tasty.  Better than Sonic I'd say (calorie wise) since they use ice cream in theirs.
I bypassed the coffee this morning due to the smoothie.
 At work I did lots of filing today so was sitting on my ass most of the day and didn't feel like I accomplished much at all.  

After work I headed to kickboxing for 54 minutes (I skipped out a little early so I wasn't late to pick up kids from daycare) and had my arse kicked the ENTIRE time.  I love it and I hate it all at the same time.

Dinner consisted of random stuff we need to use from the fridge before our move - again.
I had orange juice, strawberries, and crackers dipped in ham salad.  
I know.  It didn't thrill me either.

After dinner the kids took a quick ride on the mower with Uncle Jimmy, played on the swing set, went to my parents for a bit to start dethawing the 60 pounds of meat the husband is smoking next week for our going away shin dig, and then it was dark.  The house is still a mess but we are all worn out and had a good night.
Very worth it.

Speaking of cleaning out the fridge, its for sale folks!  Any takers?

Tomorrow I only work a few short hours before my MASSAGE at Anani so I am going to get some work done here for a bit and RELAX tomorrow before this hectic weekend of dance rehearsals and dance recitals begins!

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