Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wednesdays Food Log

I have it in my head that you folks are interested in seeing what I eat on a daily basis so here goes my first food diary post. I'm also hoping this holds me a little more accountable since I may be a TAD embarrassed to show people how much I really stuff myself.

Today I worked in the office so I have a routine of what I eat and do most days since I'm very ritualistic.
I had a coffee with sweet and low and almond milk and Oikos Greek yogurt.  (Side note: Look how clean my desk is!?  Its clearly 7:30 a.m. when there are no papers scattered)

After that was gone I drank a Diet Cherry Pepsi all morning until my tummy started to rumble. 

Approx. 133 calories

We are eating out of the freezer, fridge, cupboard until our cross country move (29 days! eek!) so my lunches and dinners are very random to use up things we have since I'm a penny pincher.

Half a bag of generic salad mix, garlic feta cheese, Ranch & Roasted Red Pepper dressing mixed together.  Spark energy/vitamin drink from Advocare.

Approx. 264 calories

After work I hit Kosama for Cardio Flex (about 30 mins cardi, 20 mins yoga/stretching moves) and sweated by arse off since it had been 4 days since I went!  I know Darcy.  Shut It.

Estimate 266 calories.

I headed to my sisters to meet the fam for dinner and the boys were busy gabbing so I munched on a few garlic Ritz crackers.  Yummy.

80 calories.

We headed to Jethros since we of course had COUPONS for a free sandwich and I got the Texas Dip (similar to a french dip but the sauce is BBQ sauce and the meat is brisket) and sweet potato fries and water.

I SCARFED this in minutes.
Approx 580 calories

We passed up the grocery store (which was the point of staying in town after work!) and headed home with tired kids.  Then their energy came alive for some reason so we sat outside and chatted with the neighbors for a couple of beers until around 9.

Approx. 180 calories.

Overall it wasn't too bad of a eating day but I'm sure I missed some jelly beans or ten two at the office to count. :)

I would love any food suggestions or ways to healthify (yes it's a word) my meals that you might have for me.   So feel free to COMMENT folks!  Dont' be shy out there!

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