Monday, March 5, 2012

Review: Black Market Pizza

We celebrated my dad's birthday a little late with a family dinner at Black Market Pizza in Ames with my grandmother.  Though this is a slight drive for us it was well worth the trip! 

First, the story behind the restaurant is pretty amazing with two men on their last dime who decide its worth a shot and boy did they get it right!  Black Market Pizza was featured in the nationals how Man vs Food and this is how we first saw/heard of it. 

We headed to the joint on a Friday night at 6:30 p.m.  and boy was it BUMPIN'.  The dining room is SMALL, especially when you are trying to find a table for ten, but the pizzas coming out piping hot and it didn't seem that too many of the patrons were dilly dallying since they saw that there was standing room only and folks needing tables.  We waited about 20 minutes total for some tables to open up to fit our party.  In the meantime, we scoured the menu and got our goods a cooking.

The menu is plentiful and so how are we to decide and agree on one thing? You know we got several.  First we started out with the Bread Squares appetizer (hot chewy bread with marinara?!  I could have made a meal of that alone).

Then came our pizza selection.  We got 2 medium Mr. Meaty Pizzas, a small cheese, a small pepperoni, a medium taco and a medium Patty Melt Pizza.  Yes our table was CROWDED but well worth it!  I have to say the Patty Melt was my favorite.  The taco was good but with the taste of the Patty Melt Pizza everything else was mediocre. 

The  dining room featured a chalkboard wall complete with bucket o'chalk which was a great distraction for the kids while we continued to feast talk among the adults. 

One of the owners came over and talked with us for a bit which was a great touch.  He indicated they do deliver for the right price, even citing an example where he drove pizzas to Davenport and cooked them in the home of a customer and delivered them to her guests personally!  Everything has a price, right!?

Overall, great restaurant - you should check it out!  Sorry I didn't get pictures of the actual food - I was too starving to think about you  folks!

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