Thursday, March 22, 2012

Book Review: Twelve Sharp by Janet Evanovich

One perk for a nerd like me of taking the MegaBus is being able to read an entire book!  On the way home from Chicago I read one of my favorite authors, Janet Evanovich's Twelve Sharp.  This is one of the books in the series with bounty hunter Stephanie Plum, Ranger, and Morelli which follows the recent move One for the Money.  Once again I loved every second of this book.  In this story a woman posing as Ranger's wife stalks Stephanie to find out where Ranger is due to a supposed divorce and wiping of bank funds.  Turns out there is a maniac on the loose posing as Ranger in every way and whose mission won't be complete until he has the real deal - Stephanie Plum.  It was a great and fast read.  I recommend all of the books in this series!

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