Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review: Megabus

Last week we took the Megabus with two other couples from Des Moines to Chicago for a quick weekend trip.  We decided to give it a try for a total of $57.00 per couple ROUNDTRIP.  You can beat that in gas and not having to experience back seat drivers or arguments of who has to drive home hungover. :)

Overall it was an excellent experience with the bus being right on schedule for pick ups and drop offs each time.  The driver took his job too seriously and was condescending to ALL passengers as they read their reservation numbers, etc.  He tended to sway the bus back and forth it seemed if he saw someone standing up and the toilet was completely FULL and overflowing by the time we arrived in Chicago, as if it hadn't been dumped from the trip before (nasty).  Overall the other passengers were fun and cordial to each other, except for one grumpy woman who didn't expect us to talk at all and actually shusshed us.  The "rules" that went over said no alcoholic beverages but IF you MAYBE put a bloody mary into a coffee cup it went unnoticed.

Overall, great price, right on schedule, just a few annoying personalities to deal with.  There definitely was not overhead compartment storage on the first level as I read online and all bags need to be at your feet which does make for uncomfortable seating.  However, we were able to score one of two of the seats that were facing each other with a handy table in the middle for a mean game of Scrabble Flash on the way.

I'd definitely take it again.
Have you ever taken the Megabus? Any tips to add?

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