Thursday, March 22, 2012


We returned from our quickie Chicago trip on Monday and I gave Launa her souvenirs.  First, Aunt Darcy bought both kids a doughnut (due to visiting Dunkin' Donuts so much during our visit she had free coupons) and they both proceeded to scarf them immediately.  This went over well and they were ecstatic about their present.

This morning I forgot I had also gotten Launa a huge pen similar to this:

and also a small pad of paper that says "Travelodge" along the top.  (Ok I'm a cheap ass but I wasn't willing to buy her anything she would immediately hate for $30 so....$4 pen and free pad of paper it is -the girl loves to write notes so I thought it fit)

I gave her both items and she proceeded to write and fill up the notepad before 9am this morning.  However, at 12:30 p.m. the husband asked if she liked her pen and paper and the response was:  "Really? Not at all."

So husband says: "Well wait until your birthday.  Mom has some mini shampoos she has saved for you!"

Insert 5 year old eye roll here.

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