Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm Baaack!

We had a fantastic time leaving the tundra of Iowa (we're talking BELOW ZERO temps) to BEAUTIFUL Cancun Mexico where the worst day was cloudy and 70 degrees. 

We could have planted on our balcony all week sipping from the in room liquor dispenser....

Or in the lounge chairs by the pool sipping Miami Vices (half pina colada half strawberry daiquiri)...

But we didn't.  We made our rounds.

We did the obligatory touristy photos at a nearby outdoor mall. 

We paid extra for a booze cruise to Isla Mujeras Island including dinner and a show.  And not just this free show on the top deck of the boat either!

We then decided to fore go parasailing for now and opted to do zip lining!  I was shaky just thinking about it but where else was I going to get this opportunity?

We geared up...which was HILARIOUS.  You know why.

The highest trees were over 100 feet in the air and the worst part was climbing those ladders all shaky like and then looking down and only seeing leaves and no ground.  But once you were sailing along the line it was so fun.  I didn't stop shaking the entire hour and boy was my helmet SWEEEEATY when we got done. 

The guides offered us a chance to go with one of them and go upside down.  I ADAMANTLY refused several times but when all the other girls were doing it I didn't want to be a sissy so the hubs and I said Hells Yeah!

Yes I was freaking out and scared to death here.  And yes "the girls" went zip lining too!  But it was so fun once I took of my sissy pants and relaxed.

Next we were taken to a ceenote (aka swamp) and given a chance to try out some cliff diving and/or zip line over water.  Also super fun. 

Overall great vacation.  Much needed time away from FREEZING.

But loved coming back to my babies!

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