Monday, February 14, 2011

Go Green, Week #7

I picked up this book at the local consignment shop, Treasures & More, for $1.00. 
The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time
I am a passionate recycler, electricity saver, and cheapskate so I will be sharing a few helpful hints from each chapter with my readers that will not only help our environment but rock your inner frugality at the same time!  Check out these top three hints from this chapter below.
Chapter 7: Shopping
#1 - Paper or plastic?  Choose paper if you don't have reusable canvass bags.  Baggers can get more of your items into paper bags so you have less to carry and paper bags are more apt to be recycled.  If you have to get plastic reuse those for trash liners or take them back to the store for recycling at your next trip.  I personally reuse my paper bags as my weekly newspapers and recyclables and then just dump the sack and all into our bin and it works out perfect. 
#2- Baby items.  Buy a bar of soap for your baby instead of a plastic tube of body wash. Its cheaper with less packaging.  200 THOUSAND pounds of trash could be saved if EVERY baby this year bought bar soap.  If you do buy body wash please recycle that bottle!
#3 - Buy items with less packaging.  Check out your options and weigh your prices.  $1 of every $11 spent at the grocery store goes towards packaging alone.  Recycle what packaging you can.  If your item comes in the plastic bubble melded onto a piece of cardboard that piece of cardboard can be recycled.  Its the little things folks!
Please share any shopping hints you have!  And remember - I'm giving away my copy of this book when I'm done reading this!  So stay tuned!

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