Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend in Review

So central Iowa received 6+ inches of heavy wet white snow this weekend so the Waughs barely left the driveway.  Sorry haven't downloaded pics yet so none to share in this post.  But this is what our home bound weekend consisted of.

Friday night: two crazy five year olds playing house, "moving" to Arizona and back three times, fashion show with my work shoes ("Fancy shoes"), bucket of popcorn, and Shrek.

Saturday: five year old birthday party (thank goodness it was in our town or we would have skipped and had a grumpy kid all day), first fat lip for the one year old (carrying a step stool+the living room where he refused to pick up his own cars = face plant onto step stool=bloody mouth = fat lip), skip wedding due to sitter not wanting to drive to town + fat lip = movie night at home.

Sunday: snow play at grandmas so mom & dad can watch inappropriate movies without kids

Oh and the 5 year old woke us up about 4:30 this morning.  Not cool.

We have a pretty uneventful week planned so don't expect too much out of this blog!

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Stacie said...

Hi! You won the Tastefully Simple prize. So email me at Staciele AT netins DOT net with your name and mailing address and I will have the prize sent out to you soon. I will try to get a time-line for you. Congrats!