Thursday, February 2, 2012

eBook review: Healthy Children's Lunches by Mandy Frances

I received this e-book FREE on Amazon and thought it was a great idea for changing up what I serve for lunch or dinner around here.

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Product Description

Whatever your children's personal food preferences, Mandy's advice and ideas will help you make sure that they get the best of both worlds and grow up with a healthy and balanced attitude to food - with a little inspiration from Healthy children's lunches you'll soon leave lunchtime-tantrums far behind!

My thoughts

There was a lot of nutritional information that I didn't expect, and personally didn't need so I just skimmed those parts, but there were lots of recipes and great ideas to get kids to eat healthier.  One idea I put to the test right away was using a mashed banana as the spread on toast in the morning along with peanut butter.  Charlie chomped that down!

Overall, great and fast read, but I personally would have been disappointed had I paid for it.

Buy It Now for $2.60 on Amazon, which isn't too bad.

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