Thursday, August 18, 2011

The People of Iowa State Fair

There are always some interesting folks at the fair so I thought I'd post a version of the sightings similiar to the Wal-Mart site we've all leered at a time or two.

This woman was sporting a 1999 Fair T-shirt of her three kids.
And a fanny pack.
And two of those kids were at the fair with her.
And me.
This is my aunt.
And yes I made fun of her.
And yes I fore-warned her of her appearance on this blog.

Her fanny pack was PUT TO SHAME by this guy:
Cammo and fanny.  A definite DON'T.

It was such a BEAUTIFUL day to be at the fair, breezy, around 80, cloudy.
So why is this man sporting a hat with a small umbrella and a donkey tail sticking out the back?
I could barely contain myself trying to get his picture for this post.

Cut off tshirt
Sweatpant shorts.
Need I explain more?

Leggins under white shorts with strappy sandals.

Leggings jeans.
What looked like a weiner baloon animal.
Smokin a cig in the line of the kiddie rides.

Someone's attempt at humor in the Varied Industries:

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