Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fitness Update

I'm loving my workouts at Max Life Fitness.  I've only missed two workouts (photos, Saturday morning - so I went jogging!) and I feel GREAT!  There are not lbs to brag about or anything just increased energy and good mood which is enough for me!  I'm trying to get the healthy eating a little more disciplined and more natural for me....but its a work in progress that's for sure.

The classes are challenging and always different.  Today was "challenge" day and we did all new exercises we haven't done.  There are a lot of circuit type classes but with new exercises.  For example today was consisted of these one minute circuits done twice each:  squat, throw 10# ball high to wall; pull ups with the help of bands (thank goodness!); tractor tire flip; tricep dips; sledgehammer hit on tractor tire; roll back, squat jump up, burpee down, push up - repeat; kettlebell squat down deadlift up; and 10# weighted ball bounce pass to partner; tug of war in teams.  Then we played gym wide tug of war which was definitely different with about 15 people crammed on 12 feet of rope!

I'm having a great time; now let's see those abs start poking out soon! (or in I guess....they are definitely poking out just fine)

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