Sunday, April 10, 2011

Book Review: Savings and Loam by Ralph McInerny

Savings and Loam
Ralph McInerny

I received this book from a garage sale (woot woot!).  The general story line is that of a person hunting for money which was buried in the backyard of someone's home long ago.  The story starts out very intriguing with a murder and then goes on through not only the treasure hunters point of view but other characters as well.  I did not identify with or like any one character more than the others.  There are several characters in the book so this is definitely not one you should read if you cannot follow or remember easily.  It was a good story but I thought it lacked any real plot or meaning.  It was an easy read and I was done in about a week, but just not a book that kept my attention and needing to read more (and that's how I like my books).  Overall it was fine, just not a top performer in things I've read in my lifetime.

I'd give this 2 stars **. 

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