Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Garage Sale #1 of the season

My sister and friend hosted our first annual session of the traveling garage sale (we host it at like 3 different houses, yes we are CRAZY) this weekend and it was EXCELLENT.  Considering its Iowa.  It was 45-50 degrees and not sunny.  We held it spring break weekend and with only about 4 other sales in the paper shoppers decided to hit all three!

Keys to our sale that you might want to take note of:

1.  Held both Friday and Saturday all day.  We picked spring break hoping lots of moms had it off and they did.

2.  We put photos and ads on craigslist every day the week of the sale.  Imaging your surprise when you see this table of kids clothes:

3. We posted our individual big ticket items on craigslist under baby stuff, not garage sales.  Of course the craigslist posting mentioned the sale and times/dates.

4.  We offered a sneak peak the Saturday before during set up to try to get some pre sales in.

Overall it was EXCELLENT with our highest grossing sale yet - over $700!! 
Around here our baby clothes and baby items sold best, however the ad of plus size designer clothes and DVD's raked in quite a bit of money as well. 

Happy sale season!

What kind of things sell the best in your neck of the woods?

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