Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanks for COMPLETELY RUINING my wedding song

So let me start out by saying I'm generally a fan of the Black Eyed Peas.  Fergie can rap like no other white girl and their music generally gets me moving and upbeat.  Until I heard them RUIN my wedding song.  You see it took some convincing for me to get my favorite movie of ALL TIME okayed as our wedding song.  You know it- DIRTY DANCING baby. 

Then I was rocking out on the way home from work one day and this true love song which can make you shed and a tear and smile in the same breath.....

was turned into a clubbin, sluts shakin their booty song and I was mad!  SERIOUSLY!  Its not even good.  It sounds ridic to have clubbin' music abruptly stop for a slow lite music portion, then resume clubbin'.  Decide - it is a love song or a club song?

Just like the Chevy El Camino - you can't have it both ways -

Car or truck. Not both.

Chevy Failed.  Black Eyed Peas Failed.

Do you like the new rendition?  Are there any songs you just couldn't stand when they were remade?

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