Friday, October 15, 2010

Girls Day at Firestation

It was fire prevention week the other week and Little Lady spent the week at preschool learning the ins and outs of fire safety and even got a visit at preschool by the fire truck and real live fire fighters! She totally soaked up this information telling me all about how they have masks to breathe and everything.  So proud that I passed on her love for learning (NOT NERDINESS).  She was ecstatic.  Saturday was a fundraiser for the local FD with a pancake breakfast so we had a girls morning and went down there alone.  Of course this meant we got to tour the fire trucks again!

and again (as if there is a difference between both of them)

PLUS an ambulance -which fascinated her.

She even brought a plastic hat home for little fat man (who has daddy's red eyes for pictures all the time)

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