Friday, June 4, 2010

Garage Sale Fever!

One sale down, 2 to go!  We had a successful neighborhood sale in my sister's area last weekend.  I made about $110 (considering most of my items are priced at $.25 I can't believe it!) .  We also have awesome sunburns to show for our 2 days in the sun but it was a fun time to hang with the gals.  Launa did a great job selling her cookies and goodies until the dog knocked our entire table over!  I can't believe that we still have an entire garage of stuff left for this weekend's sale at my friends house but I'll be using my Friday night to continue to declutter the basement so may be able to add some more.  Overall it was a great success and I'm hoping to do just as well this Saturday.  Perhaps this time I'll remember my camera??

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