Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Race for the Cure

This year Launa and I participated in Race for the Cure through my work. We arrived with my in-laws, who were walking with UPS, and friend Jeff & his daughter Desi. Well we were too late to meet my work people so Launa, Desi and I walked the entire 5k together (Launa was pushed all but 1 block in the stroller when we gave Desi a break from walking). Launa & Desi then ran the kids race (Launa's consisted of a run of 25 feet up a large hill all the way to volunteers handing out free happy meals coupons). She's in in the pink coat with her blue hat in the photo. And no I was not one of those moms pulling her to go faster to win. I was walking behind her to take a photo, but the camera died of course! This picture is from Jeff's camera phone.
It was a great time and way to get her to start participating in events like this and I'm sure its something we'll do every year in honor of my grandma who died of breast cancer.

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Katie said...

Wow, some kids needed a push for a free happy meal?!?! Breck would have plowed over them without a second thought! And good for you for letting Launa do this what a great event to make a yearly part of your life!