Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Update October 2009

Things are CRAZY for us right now....

Chad's on a hunt for a new truck while also trying to make plans to add a master bedroom and bathroom onto the house and do it as cheap as possible....his nights are spent on ebay.

Launa is busy growing and to turn 3 in two weeks! Yikes. She's becoming her own individual quirky self and really loves to cook right now (too bad mom hates it). She painted pumpkins with daddy this week and yes they are all pink. She loves doing artsy things right now too. Of course she is very excited for snow [the only one who is in our house]

I'm still liking the new job and have recent started to work part time also at the old job and bringing work home to do. Its definately keeping me busy but its the kind of thing that I can do when I feel like it so its nice to get some extra money saved up [to pay for this remodel].

The past couple of weeks have been hectic with go go go but it will settle down for a week or so then holiday hecticness will begin!

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