Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Husband Rocks!

Last night when I got home after a 12 hour day, I was pumping. AGAIN. As I do every 4-5 hours. UGH! (Pump for your baby, pump for your baby...) Sorry I digressed.

So I'm sitting there pumping. Bored. Being subjected to YET ANOTHER SPONGEBOB episode...and my wonderful husband brings me this (minus the nasty chocolate drizzle on top).  Vanilla ice cream with brownie.  LOVE HIM.


Katie said...

That was so sweet!! ...but hold up..."nasty chocolate drizzle"?!?! That's hot fudge, woman! It's the best part! ;)

The Waughs said...

I'm not a fan of hot fudge or chocolate in general...I know I'm a wierdo!