Monday, November 18, 2013

Review: the Melting Pot

Dinner was We had a KIDLESS date night with Chad's parents using a Deal Chicken voucher to a fondue place the other night.  It was great.  Here is our menu from the deal.  

I also tried the mangoliscious drink and it was very good! 

The grill and melting pot was located in the middle of our table and the waiter prepared our food in front of us. 

We started with spinach artichoke dip and lots of dippers.  Who knew green apples would be good in it?

Dinner was an assortment if meats and dips. I liked the shrimp best. 

We opted for the flaming turtle dessert and of course nothing vests strawberries and chocolate. 

Overall it was a good dinner but I wouldn't go without a deal, it would have been about $35 each without it!

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