Thursday, October 17, 2013

Review: World Wildlife Zoo

It was like fate when living social came out with a deal for the zoo the week my mom was visiting so we rounded up the whole family and went.  We started out at Dillons, the resteraunt next door that has these cool cutouts!

We saw all kinds of animals and much closer than at other zoos.  We fed ducks and giraffe. 

We rode a train through some exhibits, we watched an animal show, and we Waled and walked and walked.

There was also a mini left g zoo with very aggressive goats and baby deer.

And very inappropriate turtles. 

It was a good time overall, but they charged on top of the $25 regular admission for everything.  Quarters for duck food, fish food, giraffe food, $4 each for the train, $6 per person for the water log ride in the park (we steered clear), and the carousel charges too but it was closed.  A little too much I thought. 

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