Monday, April 22, 2013

Arizona BBQ fest

We hit up the Arizona BBQ Fest as an anniversary present from my in laws. We arrived a little early so got to see some pig roasting while waiting for the gates to open. Charlie was impressed. Launa was not.

There was quite a crowd all day and it started to heat up so we didn't stay too long. But we still managed to try our fair share of food.

Cheese curds-$3 (times three)
Rib platter -
Chicken screwer-
Mac and cheese grilled cheese add onions and BBQ pork-$8
Shrimp scewer-$8
Snow cones-$3
Beef brisket-
Chicken sample-$2
Vat of bacon (weird non Iowa bacon)
Beer-$4-$6 depending on the booth you chose!

Needless to say it was spendy but glad we went. Oh and the Kids jumping toys were $3 each but so hot the kids were in them for a minute each.

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