Thursday, January 3, 2013

DIY: Bathroom redo

You may recall our recent move and the house we bought.  The house was built in 1994 when apparently gold fixtures were awesome so they are EVERYWHERE.  We are slowly but surely making the house ours and doing improvements to each room as we can afford them.

The first big project Chad undertook was the hall bathroom.  You  may recall the before shots:

There's really nothing wrong with it other than its Plain Jane and lots of gold!  Oh also there is clearly a border around the center of the room that someone just painted right over thinking it would hide it. Well it hid the actual border but when you are in the bathroom you can see the outline of the paper and its obvious that someone was too lazy to remove the border.  Well so are we so Chad thought of a good cover up that didn't consist of ripping off border and lots of swearing in the process.

It turns out there were actually two borders and three different colors on the wall!  Ugh!
Chair rail to the rescue!

He picked up a granite counter top on sale, a new faucet fixture, designed a chair rail out of left overs from my desk project, and lots of patience and spray paint with the gold shower doors and fixtures and its gorgeous for less than $500!

He bought a non gold light, redid the mirror by encasing it in the same wood as the chair rail, and then decided to add some sparkle with the gorgeous glass tiles.

I love it!  It brought some color to the room without having to repaint or remove wallpaper and now it looks a little more custom rather than the same old bathroom our entire neighborhood probably has.
Some day we are going to redo floors in the entire house and then it will be pristine.

So thankful to have such a handy husband to be able to do this work for us and save us tons of money.

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