Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's baaack

My insomnia that is.
My alarm goes off in 4.5 hours, well 5 now that I'm skipping jogging if I actually fall asleep. It's madness.
I can't stop thinking about work things and meeting deadlines.
and not training for my upcoming 7k and how I will disappoint my team members and blow all chances of actually having friends to mingle with away from the family once in awhile.
And how messy the floor is under charlie's chair because I didn't sweep it like I was going to.
And how I hope it doesn't take us two hours every night to complete writing our name for kindergarten homework a mere three times!
And why I keep forgetting to remind the husband about that random roof tile that is out of place.
And how now I only have 5 hours 45 minutes and it's too late to take a sleeping pill or I will feel like I have a hangover in the morning.

Okay I'm off to pee and attempt to sleep. do you have any tried and true sleeping tricks for me? I do have some tea I guess I better start using.
Night night.....hopefully

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