Saturday, September 1, 2012


This morning the kids ate THREE pieces each of Cinnamon sugar toast so in an effort to wear off some of that sugar I agreed to take them on a bike ride to the park so they could run it off.  Well the morning got to us and we didn't actually set out to the park until 11:30, which was about 95 degrees.  A promise is a promise so we set off.

We went to the park and of course it was empty because its hitting the heat of the day.  So we decided to ride further to the other park.  Just as we got out to the main road sidewalk from the trail behind the development, the front of the burly started dragging on the ground.  I discovered a very key bolt had fallen OUT somewhere.  It was still hitched to the bike but the front left (look above) was dragging.  I figured we were only a mile from home so it would be fine dragging.  We went slow and steady and I instructed the kids to lean backwards like they were laying down to try to keep it off the ground.  It wasn't working and the metal piece was just dragging.

Then we hit a portion of the sidewalk where the sidewalk bumps up. 
With a dragging piece of metal.
Not a good combo.

The piece of metal hit the sidewalk like a bullet, breaking the strap securing the burly to the bike and then unlatching the other portion and the burly bumped up from the back and threw the kids onto their hands and knees on the sidewalk.  This promptly resulted in two kids yelling- MOM! (since I did it on purpose?)

Well I couldn't help but to laugh.  It was funny.  And probably super funny if you were driving by.
But not funny when I realized we have a mile to go.  With a bike.  Two small kids.  And a burly that won't drag.  We abandoned the burly and hoofed it home.  For one mile.  It was around 102 at this time.

It was a slow and steady walk and with Charlie insisting on hugging every light pole and stop sign pole it was definitely SLOW.  Everyone was red, hot and sweaty when we got home. I jumped in the car and the burly was still on the side of the road!  So its in the garage waiting for some kind of rigging system to get it back in gear.

Ugh!  Now we are headed to the pool.  With hopefully way less tragedy occurring.

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