Saturday, August 11, 2012

Workin woman

This week I started my new job. Although still in training I foresee a busy case load and a good group of people to work with. It's definitely a law firm and corporate environment like I have never been in before so the rules and regulations will get some getting used to as well as clicking in and out. I haven't done that since being a waitress.

Another getting used to us the commute. I am a city girl now since I take the tunnel and it can take me up to ONE HOUR to drive 30 miles depending on the number of wrecks. BOO

The husband is officially house dad now and he is trying to still get some projects done while juggling school pick up, etc. It's only day two and the kids and him seem to be getting along a ton better and even plotting some tickle attacks against me while I am gone so I am ever watchful of those out of the blue wrestling moves right now. Charlie is also using his to hue as his weapon. He just comes up and licks you and runs away cackling about it. It's too cute to be grossed out.

Launa got to walk to school with the older neighbor girls and she was In Heaven this morning being part of the crowd. Then she didn't want to leave after school care since they get to play in the gym unlimited and watch movies too. The one thing we have to get used to us the fact that they can't do recess due to weather. Not rain. Not snow. Sun. Too hot. It was 113 today and no one in their right mind was outside so she is not happy about not playing on the playground but only about a month until great cooler weather.

My blog maybe more sparse now that I am off of retirement but I will do my best!

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