Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Storage Wars!

Have you seen the show Storage Wars?  Where they auction off storage units and then the buyer gets to dive through and keep, sell, throw away their treasures? Well we had a similar experience recently.

Chad was Craigslisting (of course) and was hunting for a computer chair for me.  He ended up finding a listing of lots of things from one gentleman's storage unit and most of the items were things we could use and would have been looking for anyway!  Score!

A few phone calls and cash later and we went to a nearby storage facility and squeezed the following into the car and truck (and I mean squeezed in that I had to lift up the filing cabinet off of the passenger seat of my car to shift in order to drive):

3 rolling leather office chairs - value $150
2 high bar stool type chairs for kitchen island - value $75
1 20 inch old style tv - value $5 (you can't GIVE old tv's away at garage sales even!)
1 hideous fake palm tree - value - who cares!?
1 microwave cart on wheels - value $1 - its CHEAP!
1 three drawer side table that is also a filing cabinet - value $25
1 large plastic mat for rolling office chair - value $10
1 black microwave = $40 value
1 black mini fridge = $50 value
1 desk with hutch top = $50 value

We paid $200.00 for all of this.

We kept the office chairs, bar stools, old TV (garage), microwave cart (movable garage workbench type thing), side table (its better than the storage tote I was using before!), and desk (Launa loves having her own desk!).  These value $306.00!

We put the rest on ...Craigslist of course!  No one wanted the palm or the plastic mat so those were trashed.  We sold the fridge/microwave for $80 (they don't sell quickly as they did in IA).

So I calculate that we received a value of $386.00 of items for $200.00 thereby saving $186.00 for that round of storage wars!

Have you ever had luck buying in bulk and reselling?

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