Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kindergarten, Restaurant Review: Black Bear Diner

Today our oldest started kindergarten!  Although she has been excited for over a year to go, she said she was not excited this morning and didn't want to go.  As we neared the school, a few short blocks away, she gripped my hand tighter and tighter so I think she was nervous.  I have had to explain several times how its not just her who is new but all kindergartners are new to the school so everyone would be nervous.  She barely posed for her picture this morning and she of course would not put her Rapunzel hair back.
We found her teacher on the playground and walked in a straight line to class.  She never let go of my hand.  I had to pry her off and practically push her into the room.  She found her name tag and sat down nicely, secretly blowing me a kiss and hoping no one saw.

I left her (without my own tears) and we made big plans to get some stuff done today. We cleaned Charlie's room that apparently had an internal tornado sometime.  We headed to Harbor Freight for a creeper for the garage since we had a coupon and then Lowe's for some wood for a bench the hubs is going to build to store our pool floaties and outdoor speakers, etc.  Then we hit upBlack Bear Diner.


It is apparently a chain restaurant but from the looks and atmosphere I totally thought it was a local.  The inside is obviously bear themed and Charlie loved growling the entire time.

Chad got a hot beef sandwich with fries all covered in gravy.  He was in heaven.
I got a tri-tip sandwich (philly like) and a side salad with homemade ranch (or heaven in a side cup!).  
They served ketchup so Charlie was in heaven. 
We were all very happy.

We got back from running around just in time for school to get out so Chad dropped me off in front of the school and Launa and I walked home.  At 2:30 p.m.  In 111 degree weather.
Needless to say from the walk alone we were both sweaty, red faced, and not nice.
I sat in front of the fan for awhile then tried to convince Charlie to nap more than just in the truck and came out to the living room to find this girl on the couch:

 Charlie was super excited to see her when he woke up and they have been yelling at each other since. :) 

Launa worked on getting her box tops paper filled in for school and we read books and off to bed for another day. 

Off for another day tomorrow!  I have some J-O-B interviews this week.
I'm wondering if I need to go shopping (or an excuse to go shopping)?

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